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About Us

Company Overview

Company Overview- CSI produces a variety of correctional software solutions developed by seasoned correctional administrators and health care professionals, in conjunction with software engineers, the end result of our products is an attractive, easy to utilize, management tools designed to assist you enhance institutional operations and oversight of the facility, as well as reduce expenditures.

Using state of the art technology, whether you are a technologically advanced facility or still working primarily from paper, we are able to offer you an interface that is cutting edge.

Our team is comprised of individuals:

  • With extensive correctional experience
  • Who have assumed a multitude of roles within that environment,
  • Who understand the needs of correctional administrators and institutions.

Our team has:

  • Strong working knowledge of the expectations and reporting requirements
  • Understanding of the high-volume, high-cost occurrences that present management challenges.
  • Need for real time access to information that traditionally has been tedious and time consuming to gather or not easily accessible

It is because of this understanding and experience that we began developing software to aid in the quick accessibility of this information, as well as thorough, detailed reports designed to provide real time information needed to enhance the management of your institution, reduce costs and ensure public safety.

CSI-C Links


CCN  Correctional Clinician Network 

EHR-C  Electronic Medical Records for Corrections

CCT  Correctional Clinician Trainings  

CDID  Correctional Digital Identification

RED   Rapid Emergency Response 

Real time access to your facility's population, operational and administrative data


Save Money

A one time investment software application that can help you manage and cut/reduce operational expenses and issues

Increase Productivity

Whether your software is dated or new, we can extract and dial down to serve up whatever data need the most, in a really attractive UI.

Increase Efficiency

Whether you are a technologically advanced facility or still working primarily from paper, using our state of the art technology will increase productivity from our easy to use interface that is cutting edge.

A broad array of applications for the correctional industry

CSI was founded by career correctional professionals who sought software solutions geared toward optimizing work flows, improving the quality of clinical care while reducing risk.